Singing Circles

This lively program helps individuals connect with others, stimulates the mind and reduces stress. Participants gather to sing favorite and well-known songs from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Or we can create a customized playlist, for example, all Show Tunes from Broadway. These popular songs trigger fond memories and produce a sense of satisfaction and well-being. Guided by a professional singer and the group is a tapestry of voices with each participant adding their own unique sound. The program is purely for fun and beginners are welcome.

Some of the physiological benefits of singing include that it exercises the brain as well as the body, and is particularly beneficial for breathing, posture, and reducing muscle tension. Listening to music and participating in singing has been shown to be effective in pain relief as well. According to a study done in The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley in Dec. 2015, singing can play a role in sustaining a healthy immune system, by reducing the stress hormone cortisol. Singing familiar songs can also help those suffering from dementia by creating positive memory associations.

Participants experience a sense of unity while at the same time feeling the importance of their own individual contribution. They leave feeling light, bright and fulfilled with a sense of hopefulness and positivity.


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