The Power to Engage

The main objective of our Senior Living Program is to improve the quality of life for senior citizens. All of our programs are interactive and designed help seniors become connect with themselves and other residents. We use creative arts therapy to stimulate the mind, body, and soul. There is extensive research to support the assertion that creative arts therapy has a profound physical and emotional impact on senior citizens. Research

Benefits of Creative Arts Therapy

  • Reduces tension, anxiety and stress
  • Helps control chronic pain
  • Elevates mood and alleviates depression
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Improves self-esteem
  • Promotes a sense of connection to self and others

I am content and joyful. Nice to do something different.

Terracina Grand Resident

It’s a very good program. We enjoyed it very much. Even though we’re not professional drummers, we vote 100% for you to come back! This is fun!!!!

Senior Drumming Participant

This brings back memories. What a lovely atmosphere!

Senior Living Program Participant


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