Recovery: The Hero Within

A journey to recovery using expressive arts and stress management

The Hero Within is a 12-week therapeutic group program designed to support clients at alcohol and substance abuse centers to develop greater levels of self-awareness and emotional stability. The Hero Within follows the self-development journey outlined by Professor Joseph Campbell, known as the Hero’s Journey. The Hero’s journey is a basic storyline that underlies most great transformational stories throughout history.

Each section of The Hero Within course explores the Hero’s Journey using expressive arts and stress management. Over 12 weeks, participants identify, connect with, and explore their feelings to understand who they are. The use of hands-on expressive arts makes the lessons concrete and impactful. As they progress along the journey, participants overcome feelings of shame, develop self-confidence, and integrate previously disowned parts of themselves. Graduates of the program are more confident and better equipped to re-enter society.

The Hero’s Journey

Weeks 1-4

Hero’s Journey Components: Introduction, Call to Adventure, What Brought You Here? Gathering Resources

Topics: What brought you here? Choosing change, Creating a toolbox, Imagining the future, Core values

Art Components: Creative Writing, Watercolor painting, Guided visualization, Anchor Art

Stress Management Components: Yoga, Breathing, Meditation, Awareness


Weeks 5-8

Hero’s Journey Components: Entering a new Land, challenges, Ordeals, Transformation and Growth

Topics: Who can you trust? Reviewing your life, who are you? Confronting and managing feelings

Art Components: Poetry, Discussion, Mask Making, Layered Art, Making Postcards, Life Timeline

Stress Management Components: Yoga, Trusting Your Body, Concept of Self, Releasing Feelings 


Weeks 9-12

Hero’s Journey Components: Transformation and Return with New Knowledge

Topics: Who are you becoming? What new knowledge have you gained? Reconnecting to the ordinary world

Art Components: Collage, Gratitude Tree, Writing, Watercolor, Creative Writing, and Cards

Stress Management Components: Connecting to your higher self, The experience of gratitude, Trusting yourself, Opening to connection


Incorporating The Hero Within into Your Programming

Recovery: The Hero Within is a highly customizable program. We are happy to meet with representatives of your organization to talk about how Recovery: The Hero Within course can support the work you are already doing. We bring the program to you and all of the supplies are included. feel free to contact us by calling 239-503-4515 or by filling out the form below.


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