Physical Wellness

On-site Fitness Classes

This 30-minute light fitness class is provided after or during the workday. The goal of this fun class is to improve cardiovascular health and overall fitness. After a brief warm up, participants move from one exercise station to the next in the circuit. The class concludes with a brief cool down. The program can be combined with incentives provided by management of the organization.

Health Seminars

Subject matter experts are available to provide seminars on health-related topics, onsite either during or after work hours. Seminars can be provided in a pre-scheduled series or as needed.

Topics include (but are not limited to):


  • Creating a healthy lifestyle
  • Diabetes Prevention
  • Weight loss and Nutrition
  • Preventing Burnout
  • Improving Sleep
  • Meditation¬†and Mindfulness
  • Stress Management

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Blood pressure is one indicator of stress and general health. Before we start the stress management program, we can check participants’ blood pressure to help determine overall fitness. We can also monitor blood pressure throughout the program to determine the effectiveness of the program over time. A trained facilitator will check and record blood pressure and communicate results to the client as often as desired.

Chair Massages

Stress and emotions are stored in the body. In order to eliminate this stored stress, Creative Connection has a licensed massage therapist who can provide chair massages, onsite, during the workday. These 10-minute shoulder and neck massages relieve aching muscles and bring employees back to life! Employees can sign up ahead of time to ensure that they receive treatment within the scheduled two-hour visit.


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