HealthRHYTHMS® is a fun, evidence-based music program which promotes socialization and ensures a healthy non-strenuous workout. On a deeper level, the program builds bridges while fostering nurturing, support, camaraderie, self-respect and connection to others. It is not really about drumming, but uses the drum as a tool for communication and personal expression. Research has shown the results can include: increase in healthy cell activity, reduction in stress and burnout rates, improvement in mood states, enhanced creativity and bonding, and more. No talent or experience needed. So, join us for a fun, health-promoting evening!


Kenneth Straub is a board-certified music therapist and a trained HealthRhythms facilitator. As an active practitioner in the field of music therapy for 20 years, Ken has facilitated many sessions and events, including HealthRhythms, music therapy services, music education and professional performances, which are now being offered through his newly formed Company UniBeat Music, LLC.

“So glad I came here tonight! The class creates a sense of unity, builds coordination, and balances the mind.”
- Drumming Participant

“This is the best program we have ever had here!”
- Lifestyle Enrichment Coordinator, Terracina Grand


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