Our Expressive Arts program uses a combination of different creative art forms for a therapeutic purpose: helping participants to relax and express themselves in a safe environment. Our facilitators draw form our entire portfolio of programs to help the participants to express their true selves. We work closely with our clients to design the program to achieve their specific goals for the group. Some courses have included: visual art, poetry, crafts, improvisation, and dance. Our main goal for the program is to support participants in finding out who they are.
Our facilitators use watercolor and acrylic painting, often with a theme or topic to help participants to express themselves.






We use poetry in some of our courses. We generally start off by taking turns reading and discussing classic and contemporary poetry and then move on to the mechanics of creating poetry. Many formerly skeptical participants find deep satisfaction in both the writing and appreciation of poetry.






Many participants in our Expressive Arts program enjoy making crafts, and especially painting stones. We generally pair this project with a theme or topic. A deep dive into core values is particularly effective.






Our facilitators use collage to help participants use images to express aspects of themselves that are not accessible with language. Sometimes we use topics and sometimes we suggest that participants follow their instincts in choosing images.






Almost any of our programs can be incorporated into an Expressive Arts course. We generally meet with a client to determine the goals and create a outline for the course. We can also make suggestions or create the whole outline if desired. The programs can be as little as 6 weeks or ongoing.


We are happy to tell you about our programs!