Country Clubs

Special Events

We help country clubs to stand out from each other by offering unique and specially tailored programs. By offering unusual and interesting programs, country clubs are able to consistently provide their members with programs that stimulate the mind and touch the heart. Members become very loyal and look forward to the programs year round.

Interactive Programs

All of our programs are interactive. That’s why all of our programs take place in groups. We design the programs to be interactive. Participants are never passive recipients. They are always invited to create, express themselves and connect with other group members. This level pf participation is engaging and enlivening. Participants often feel renewed and rejuvenated on a deep level.

Creating Social Connections

We help country clubs become tighter and closer communities. Many of our programs are designed to foster social connection and cohesion. When people express themselves through creative arts activities, they are sharing something special about themselves with the world. In addition, we create the opportunities for people to connect with new friends and to feel part of something larger than themselves.

Creative Arts Wellness

Creative Arts Wellness is the consistent use of a creative art such as painting, music or dance to promote psychological, physical, and emotional health. More and more, people are beginning to look for other avenues to promote well being. By creating music, painting a picture, or moving in a new way, creative arts wellness participants are able to express themselves and to experience the world in different way, promoting emotional and psychological health. By doing creative arts in a group, they are able to bond with their peers, which is also very healing.


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