Stress Management

Stress has been steadily increasing in Western societies over the past several decades. Illness due to psychological pressure has been increasing in tandem. Depression, obesity, drug abuse, and workaholism are rampant. In addition, technological advances are leaving us disconnected and loneliness is pervasive. Unfortunately, Western cultures are ill equipped to manage these increasing pressures.

Combating Stress

To manage the effects of stress, focus has been primarily on the physical, as people reach for pills or join a gym. However, these solutions provide only temporary relief as they do not address the underlying issues. More and more, people are beginning to look for other avenues to promote well being. Creative arts wellness provides a relief and a connection that people crave on a very deep level. It’s an element of coming home. When people express their true selves, they are able to connect to something truly essential, something magical that is lost in the shuffle of daily life.

By creating music, painting a picture, or moving in a new way, creative arts wellness participants are able to bring a part of themselves out into the world and to experience the world in different way, permitting the over-used hyper-critical part of the brain to relax.

This shift in consciousness provides significant relief, allowing the emotional and physical bodies to heal. The results are generally quite profound with participants expressing deep satisfaction.

Research: The Connection Between Art, Healing, and Public Health

Benefits of Stress Management to the Organization


  • Reduction in Sick Days
  • Improved Employee Morale
  • Increased Employee Retention
  • Reduced Healthcare Costs
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Profitability

Sample Stress Management Packages:



Package One

  • Yoga
  • Live Art Game
  • Healing Sound Circle
  • Tai Chi

Package Two

  • Drumming
  • Collage
  • Music Jam
  • Creative Movement

Package Three


“Fantastic program. Helps ease stress. Team building. Overall enjoyable experience.”

- Stress Management Participant

“Helped relax all with the daily events.”

- Stress Management Participant


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