Want to reduce stress? Stimulate creative thinking? Re-energize your team?

Creative Connection provides mindfulness programs onsite at your workplace. Imagine taking a needed break during your lunch hour or afternoon. More CEOs and managers are making stress management and mental health a priority… because it makes good financial sense. In one research study, 152 middle-level managers (57% women) in a corporate setting were randomly assigned to an 8-week mindfulness intervention or an active control condition involving cognitive-behavioural theory and principles (Shonin, Van Gordon, Dunn, Singh, & Griffiths, 2014). They demonstrated strong and sustainable effects on work-related stress, an improvement in job satisfaction, a reduction in psychological distress and improved employer-rated job performance.

We work closely with employers to set up a Mindfulness in the Workplace program which supports the company’s overall goals.


We help people connect with themselves and their community.