Eliminating Burnout Means Higher Profits

by Nov 15, 2017Wellness

Stress is one of the leading causes of burnout. When employees work beyond their physical and emotional capacities, their productivity plummets. The American Institute of Stress in New York estimates that job stress costs the United States economy some $300 billion in sick-time, long-term disability, and excessive job turnover.

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Symptoms of Stress Include:

  • Missed work days
  • Lower overall productivity
  • Higher staff turnover
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Medical insurance & other stress-related expenses


By proactively managing stress, companies can prevent burnout and retain their best employees. There are many ways for a company to become active in stress management. However, we believe the most effective programs combine all five of the major wellness components: physical, social, mental, nature and spirit.

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When these five components are addressed regularly employees are healthy,  fulfilled, and very loyal to their employers. And turnover is expensive. Forty-five percent of medium to large U.S. companies report that turnover costs them more than $10,000 per employee  replaced, according to a survey conducted by New York City-based William M. Mercer Inc. By proactively preventing burnout, employers and retain their employees and improve their bottom line.

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